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  Reports From Happy Ormus Customers 

Posted: 01 Aug 2010 11:31 PM PDT 

Report One: “Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of ORMUS”!! That’s exactly how I felt when I opened the package of ‘humble’ Pacific wet-method precipitate from Denis of OZ the other day! There was nothing humble about how it slugged my psyche just from handling it. I was even a little guarded about consuming it – which took me a few days to build up to. About a YEAR ago Denis promised to send me some of his ‘sockumrockum’, ‘wham you in the 3rd eye’, ‘explode your kundalini’ ORMUS,  and so when he read about my work with Sandy [a 48 year old fragmented woman raised in the Satanic Cult], for whom I had asked for donations of ORMUS, he was reminded he hadn’t sent his ORMUS to me. It arrived earlier this week and I have been reeling since then. 

My first impression was as I insinuated, just a whole lot of energy just handling the package and then a ball of energy when I opened it. One of the things I do, in my Oracle capacity, is to sleep on an ORMUS product before ever consuming or applying it topically. I literally place the product inside my pillow case, but generally pull out most products before morning because they are more irritating than helpful. However, I kept Denis’ product tucked in all night even though it was intense and not the best night’s sleep I’ve had. I sensed I was receiving energy bundles – like bundles of information, but nothing filtered to my conscious brain. I sensed my download capacity was maxing out and it was unsettling to me for days following. This made me reluctant to consume it right away. The next night after going to bed, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with his product that was on my nightstand next to my bed. The pillow trick didn’t yield me anything concrete I could pin point. BUT while I was musing about this I saw an incredible Being. The brilliance from this Being was uncomfortable and might be likened to a blind person suddenly gaining sight in the midst of a fully lighted stadium (or 10 stadium lights). It was so uncomfortable that I pulled away and shut out that connection, but not before getting significantly more energy or information bundles. 

I sensed this Being was in another universe. I sensed it was involved with humanity’s spiritual evolution. A Celestial Being? I don’t know. I didn’t feel toward it the way I imagined I would feel toward an angel. We did talk a bit afterwards and have talked since but our ‘conversations’ aren’t like human conversations and until I can translate them into words I am unable to convey their essence. They are instead more like psychological conversations having to do with perspective rather than with content. Contact with this Being has challenged me in very real ways. I had what I can only describe as an existential crisis which I am still working through. Ultimately, I feel this has been a VERY empowering experience. 

After a couple more days I applied Denis’ ORMUS topically (followed with an essential oil application to pull the ORMUS into my cells) and consumed a small amount (about 1/2 tsp) with minimal ‘bundle’ downloads there after. 

That is the extent of my use of Denis’ ORMUS product to date. I’ll make more reports in time as I use it in days to come should I have anything to report. 

BEFORE I mustered the courage to actually consume Denis’ ORMUS I contacted him to find out what the heck he did to his product to make it so exceptional. Denis must’ve talked 45 minutes straight telling me about all the things that led up to each discovery – all those non-physical ‘ingredients’ that makes his ORMUS one of the more powerful products I’ve ever used. I’m convinced that these non-physical ingredients are as important as the physical ones. You still need to begin with quality product, and follow the procedures, and protect from EMF, and all of that, but those non-physical qualities seem to rev up it with jet fuel. 

ORMUS blessings to all, Sharon, Nth California USA 

elixir of life ormusReport Two: I never felt the lightheaded ‘whirlies’ from Denis’ Ormus. But I felt this huuuuuuuuuuuuuge thick field from it. I believe all of this comes from the practices he has mentioned that he does when making the ormus. 

I have thus thought that it would be good for those who have his ormus put our OWN intention into it once we have it, as Ormus seems to ‘store’ consciousness. 

Blessings, Melanie, Seoul, Korea 

Report Three: I was having quite a good time on whitepowder gold for about 7 days. Even though it was a little heavy, intense and spacey. Then I tried Denis’s gorgeous yummy ormus…WOW…I was happy before but now I’m euphoric! I can get more of a longlasting ormus flow with his blend. I also finally experienced that ringing/humming/buzz in my ears for the first time….I’m trying to get used this heightened sense of clarity, insightfulness, acute seeing and hearing. I can’t believe (but yes I can) that this state of fulfillment and joy can actually be a constant state! Nothing has changed in my external environment, but who I am has changed dramatically and keeps changing day by day. I am much less reactive to others emotions or words and people really like being around me – they actually say words to this effect and then wonder why they’re saying it to me. There is such a sweetness and beauty in the world surrounding me that I didn’t know existed before. Life finally looks and feels good. All I’m waiting for now if the ormus to start taking those silver strands of hair away for me lol. Oh, I can’t stand being around too many computers these days as well… Must be the electromagnetic field? 

Peace, light & love Sammy, Melbourne, Oz 

Report Four: “I’ve tried many types of ORMUS over the past 8 years and discovered early on that ORMUS takes on a significant imprint of the person and surroundings where it is produced. This is true even with the more difficult alchemy techniques. That imprint becomes a part of the ORMUS experience by the person who consumes it. Denis’ is the BEST at imprinting his ORMUS. Denis is meticulous with producing his ORMUS for the highest vibration possible – from collecting the water at the full moon and by setting up a high powered sacred place in which to perform loving alchemy. If you were inspired by his post then you needn’t look any further to find a product that will inspire you as well. 

Be sure to ask about the ORMUS workshop that is coming to the Gold Coast Queensland in 2009.

Sharon, San Francisco, USA 

ormus bottlesReport Five: “My first encounter with ormus was at the Ormus seminar conducted by Barry Carter in Melbourne. Denis of OZ had a stall there selling Ormus made by him and free sampling of ormus was available. 

Not knowing what to expect and rather skeptical, I thought it should be pretty safe to try it in public. I had a spoonful of his ormus. I felt a bit light headed and did not give it a second thought. 

By the end of the 3 day seminar I had 6 spoonfuls of the ormus, I was definitely feeling rather euphoric. All my problems seem so trivial and far away. Yet I am here, fully grounded in the present, fully aware of the going on around me and feeling very positive and energetic. 

“Congratulation Denis for crafting such a great product!!!!” 

Best regards, Phil, Chi Gung Master, Melbourne 

Report Six: I received a shipment of ORMUS from Denis in OZ Wednesday afternoon. There were some papers packed with it that said it was the Golden Chalice ORMUS. I didn’t ingest any Wednesday, but just handling the bottle, made me feel like I was in a deep meditative state for a few hours and it also made me feel happy and joyous. I meditate daily and am use to this feeling. Thursday morning, I ingested a teaspoon full when I got up. I had this same feeling all day along with vibrations throughout my entire body and also had a big smile on my face pretty much all day. Thanks Denis! 

Greg, Tucson Az USA 

Report Seven: I have gotten comfortable with a level of steady communication with Denis’ ORMUS. It talks to me. I literally hear it now. It took me a couple of weeks to realize what the little voice I was hearing was, but I know now; and I respect it. 

Mickey, Corfu, Greece 

Report Eight: “I have been taking Denis of Oz’s Ormus which I have found to have kundalini stimulation properties and 3rd eye awakening effects and I am also feeling a bliss sensation.” 

Jita, Birmingham UK 

Report Nine: “Hi Denis, I’m having a great time using your Ormus. I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I need another 500ml please for myself and friends. Oh, at my job I have suddenly found myself being the best sales rep from being the worst before Ormus.” 

Steven, Hobart, Tasmania 

Report Ten: “Hi Denis, I am convinced of some amazing properties with your Ormus. The first day I was infused with happiness. I slept with the bottle under my bed and got no sleep except for great light shows. And this was just the first couple of days…” 

Cheers Janice, Melbourne 

Report Eleven: Denis, Your Ormus is one of the BEST I have ever had. I have taken it 3 times now. Here is an interesting observation: The first 2 times afterwards I felt the familiar ormus ‘spin’ in my third eye.
Wonderful uplifting feelings of joy, peace, contentment overcame me after awhile. Very noticeable! 

Nancy (Multiple Ormus user in USA) 

ormus manifestationsReport Twelve: “Hey Denis of Oz, You are a true Wizard! I started taking your Ormus last August and have had 4 bottles over that time. I must say thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and your Ormus because I have never felt so present, so centered, so on purpose, so connected, so blissful, so focused and so fulfilled than I did with you’re your Ormus! I became a ‘human-being’ rather than just a ‘human-doing’. 

Cheyne , The Profit Machine, Melbourne. 

Report Thirteen: Since having your Ormus, I am feeling SO happy, so content and really, really relaxed.
I am getting regular glimpses of ‘other realities’. I am having insights, and impressions of “All that Is” and feel happy for no reason now. People just want to be close to me and daily, woman are making passes at me. I am getting more invitations to parties now than I have time to attend… and as a 39 year old single guy… well, 


I have been researching this Ormus and White Powder Gold field for years now, and with your Ormus, I have found what I was looking for. 

Steve, Hobart Tasmania 

Report Fourteen: Thought I’d share a further development re the Soul Mate ORMUS. As I said just days before receiving the Ormus from you I energetically connected with my life partner (Soul Mate). I had been shown him a year earlier and therefore knew of him, and his name. 

However, the energetic connection was amazing. Then after taking your ORMUS I had another two energetic connection was – meant powerful. I have problems with my legs and ankles, while at a time makes it extremely painful to walk. Seven days after tacking “Soul Mate” ORMUS my future partner connected with me and bought one of his guides, a Medicine Man. 

I can’t put into words how strong this was. It was actually happening and I felt it physically. The next morning upon waking I got out of bed with no pain and able to walk easily and effortlessly for the fist time in years. Keeps up the brilliant work. I give thanks everyday for you, and people like you. Love and gratitude, 

Maureen Kavanach 

Report Fifteen: I cannot thank you enough.
“Since receiving the 500ml bottle of Elixir of Life Ormus’’. So many things have occurred that have made my life better. 

·    Firstly, I have not even considered smoking since the first day that I began taking “Elixir of Life”.  

·    I have received three offers of employment that are better than the mine I’m in now.  

·    I have had great difficulty obtaining accommodation other than motels here in Darwin in the eight months that I have lived here. In the three weeks I have been using “Elixir of Life” I have been offered two units at reasonable rents in Darwin itself.  

·    Last Friday when I flew back in to Darwin, I checked my tattslotto ticket and was delighted to find that I have won $650.00.  

·    Two weeks ago, I got out of bed and without thinking got down and did ten push ups. This has increased to fifty twice a day. I have not exercised in ten years. I find myself enjoying these little workouts, and my body is already firming up, and looking better.  

·    This break I have been to the casino twice, each time winning more than $500.00. I really gambled but lately I have been just feeling LUCKY.  

·    I am sleeping better, feeling heather and thinking clearer than I have in many years.  

·    All thanks to you and your wonderful product. Elixir of life: Ormus is truly a life changing substance.  

Sincerely yours, 

Peter Anderson 

special bonus package of ormusReport Sixteen: Denis, you have made the most viable imprinted ORMUS I have ever experienced. I think the reason that people tend to see ‘beings of light’ after being influenced by your ORMUS is that you channel this energy. Excellent work and dedication Denis! I am so pleased you have allowed me and others to have these experiences by you following your destiny. With love, 


Report Seventeen:Wow..
Talk about proximity…what a vibration that small bottle has … it pulsates!!! Thanks I am feeling great and rather focused and less stressed, less worry, and seem to be opening more in my heart and third eye. *** C O N N E C T I O N !! *** Love and light, 


Report Eighteen:When you had told me that my world wouldn’t be the same afterwards. I scoffed. 

Thanks for giving me the ‘DreamTime’ under pillow bottle 2 months ago Denis. Within a week of it being there, I had moved out of a stressful relationship and in with a supportive mate. Within two weeks I had struck some good money deals making many thousands! And suddenly I was beating a friend at tennis who ALWAYS beat me! I was focused and ‘In the Zone’! AND I was getting compliments from people saying “You look good, rested.” Mate, I swear this is true. 

About this time I went to see a doctor about my high blood pressure/stress and my BP was back to a healthy 115 over 75. Amazingly, my resting heart rate had gone from 70 to 54. The lack of stress, increased focus, some financial success – it all happened after sleeping with your Ormus under my pillow. Was it magic? I can’t be sure, but with a healthy lack of skepticism, I’m now an Ormus fan. It has indeed changed my life. 

Corey, Gold Coast Queensland 

Report Nineteen: Wow. you’re not kidding about it being powerful! I felt a vague high feeling just handling the package trying to open it! I took some immediately like you suggested, and my hands started being shaky and got a lightheadedness, a spinning out feel .. it was just so powerful!
Thanks for sending it in time for today the 11th of the 11th. I took some more at 11.11am and it was great. I meditated at the same time, and just felt really “big”, like i was bigger than me, and heady. It was a great feeling :) 

I haven’t felt that way before, and the ‘big-ness’ was fleeting, still, it was awesome. Thanks again for the good stuff! 

Vivienne … Adelaide, South Australia 

Report Twenty: My Ormus story is a profound one considering I have not even used/consumed the product just yet. 

About six months ago I was visiting a friend and he took a small empty glass bottle from his kitchen cupboard and placed in on the bench. Unbeknown to me, my friend was keen to tell me about the usual contents of the bottle, his experiences while taking Ormus and how he recently ran out. At the time of all this, however, I was looking out the lounge room window admiring the garden and it was then that I was suddenly struck with a strong wave of energy that engulfed my whole body and aura. It honestly felt like all the cells in my body jumped awake. They were buzzing to be alive and it was as if they were responding to a higher power calling “Aaaaa-ten-tion”. I felt the presence of the small glass bottle well before I saw it! I know I am empathic and highly sensitive to energies however this was like no other experience I have felt. For the bottle to be empty and located in another room – my energetic response certainly got me interested. The truth is – this product is powerful and certainly does call for our attention. It is apparent we give Ormus the time and respect it deserves. I’m ordering my first “full” bottle of Ormus today. Thank you again Denis. Much love, 

Myra Van Every 

ormus bottles of different sizes

Report Twenty One:I have been wanting to text you for ages now. Your Ormus is amazing, so many things are happening, often beautiful, sometimes challenging, but worth every moment.  I will keep you updated. Love, 

Emily  Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia 

Report Twenty Two: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Where do I start, Thank you so much for the loving and healing energy that you have put into your ORMUS, my husband went down stairs this morning to make me a lemon and honey drink and returned with my parcel, feeling rather stuffy and weak I allowed the parcel to sit on the bed beside me, within minutes my heavy head began to feel rather light then my blocked stuffy nose started to run like a tap, my energy level increased then the urge to open the parcel took hold. I truly just wanted to bath in your Ormus and that is exactly what I did I filled the bath with warm water and added 5mls of white gold, then soaked away the bug not to mention so many other wonderful side affects were happening … Thank you 10 fold with many many blessings. 





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